symptoms of depression

11 Symptoms of Depression | Are you depressed?

Depression eats away at your soul until you are merely a bleak version of what you once were. It is more common than you think. You could be depressed and not even know it. Here are the symptoms of depression for your reference.

9 ways to look and feel confident

Secrets of Confident people

At first glance, confidence may seem like something you are born with or something that you inherit from your parents. This is not surprising because confident people have confident children. Yet, this thought could not be further from the truth…

success quotes

Success Quotes

Success Quotes inspire you to do better. It provides you with tips and tricks to achieve success. Here are 50 success quotes that will motivate you to do better. #1 The Key to Success is to Focus on the goal and not the obstacle. 2. “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”- Chris Grosser 3. “I …

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12 things you will regret not doing

12 Things you will regret not doing right now.

Things you will regret later in life are not that hard to figure out. Most people end up regretting the same things at old age. So if you make an effort to do these things now you can one day look back happily at your life.