Rishini de Silva, Author of InsightBook
Rishini de Silva, Author of InsightBook


I am Rishini de Silva, the author of InsightBook. My belief is that anything is possible with the right strategy and mindset.

You see, I have been an enthusiast for personal development for almost a decade now. Having struggled with a lot of mental, emotional stress and the underlying feeling of being empty I studied everything from psychology and counseling to energy healing searching for ways to improve the quality of my life.

What I learned I applied to my life and it is safe to say that today I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. I still have a long way to go, however, I plan to help many people as possible along the way. That is the purpose behind this website, Insightbook.

It is safe to say that the modern education system is greatly flawed. It doesn’t teach us the basics to happiness or a life worth living. Subjects like psychology that everyone will benefit from, are not in the curriculum.

There might have been a time when life was simple and the secrets to happiness were so obvious that no one had to teach them to you. However, we are not in that society anymore. Life is not that simple. Peoples expectations are weighing them down. The television, the internet, and social media are bombarding people with expectations, demands, judgments and desires that life is becoming more stressful by the day. Happiness seems to be out of our grasp.

My life mission is to make happiness accessible to people again. This blog is one way of doing that. In this blog, I will be providing tips and tricks to live a stress-free, happy life.